What Is An Abaya?

Here at Hijab House, you can find the latest abaya styles custom-made to fit every woman.  We pride ourselves in handcrafting premium modest wear with high-quality fabrics, but we never got around to explain why we chose to carry abayas, haven’t we? In this blog post, we’ll go over the history of abaya and how it has become a modern form of self-expression.

What is an abaya dress?

The abaya is a loosely-fitted long-sleeved robe worn by women covering the whole body including the feet. The women would usually wear a hijab with the abaya, a long piece of cloth that wraps around the head like a scarf so only the hands and face show once the wearer steps out in public.

No one knows exactly when the practice of wearing an abaya started, but historical evidence states that it has existed for more than 4,000 years! According to studies, the Mesopotamians also wore long and loose clothing which somewhat resembled the abaya that we know now.

The modern abaya

When abayas rose into prominence during the 7th century, it only came in black. However, as time passed, the plain black abaya has evolved into different styles and colors as more and more women saw it as a fashion statement. In the 1990s, designers began exploring designs and decorations such as lace and rhinestones. In the early 2000s, cinched and belted waistlines became the norm.

Indeed, the abaya has now become a choice of clothing to any woman who wishes to dress modestly. Even luxury labels such as Dolce and Gabbana and Carolina Herrera have released their own collections as the industry embraced modest fashion as a statement and a growing lifestyle.

We offer a mix of classic and the latest abaya styles in different cuts and designs — from embellished to embroidered, from the usual neutrals to blues and greens. Browse through Hijab House’s abaya collection and we guarantee that you’ll find one that suits you!

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