4 Helpful Summer Fashion Tips for Dressing Modestly This Summer

When people hear modest fashion, the first image that comes to mind is probably a collage of long-sleeved, ankle-length dresses with matching hijabs and scarves. Here are a few summer fashion tips and tricks for the modern modest woman, because we want you to stay cool and stylish this summer!

Choose light colors

Summer’s the perfect time to experiment with pastel colors, as well as stock up on peach and cream-colored pieces since these hues reflect the sun’s rays and keep you cool even if it’s sweltering outdoors. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different patterns too! Veer away from dark hues, especially black, since it absorbs heat faster than you can say, “I should’ve listened to Hijab House today”.

summer fashion tip - Casual Beige High Low Nida KaftanCasual Beige High Low Nida Kaftan


Look for lightweight fabrics

Summer in the Middle East is something your most likely not happy about, and your clothes are to blame. As you start to overheat and perspire in the middle of the day. Our head designer recommends Korean Nida pieces as well as natural fibers such as cotton, jersey, and linen for their breathable and moisture-wicking properties.

Double-Shaded Korean Nida AbayaDouble-Shaded Korean Nida Abaya


Avoid layers

It pays to invest in full-coverage dresses in classic silhouettes this summer season, especially when the temperature hits 40 degrees and your three-piece ensemble has transformed into a personal sauna. Stock up on long-sleeved maxi and midi dresses – not only will they do the job of three to four separate pieces of clothing (i.e. a top, a skirt, a slip dress, and a cover-up), they also make you look all dressed up with zero effort. Lazy modest fashion hack? Yes indeed!

Floral Abaya In Umbrella DesignFloral Abaya In Umbrella Design



Layering clothes this summer may not be the wisest option but piling up the accessories is! For our last entry for this year’s summer style tips, we encourage you to accessorize to your heart’s desire – even simple pieces such as a colourful scarf or a dainty brooch can take the simplest look to the next level!

Take a look at out stylish brooches here to complement your fashionable modest attire. 


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Do you have other summer style tips for women you can share with other modest fashion followers? Leave a comment below!

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