How To Dress According To Your Body Type


Women under this body shape tend to carry most of their weight on the waist area. Their thighs are slender and their chests are noticeably larger than their hips. Apple-shaped women would look good in abayas that accentuate the waistline. Straight cuts and solid colors also give the illusion of an elongated figure.

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Banana-shaped girls have hips and busts that measure the same, hence the rectangular frame. To accentuate the curves on athletic and straight figures, choose a style that is heavy on pleats, ruffles, or embellishments either on the top or on the bottom half to make either part appear larger.

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Pear-shaped ladies have hips and thighs which are noticeably bigger compared to the top half of their bodies. Women under this category should focus on accentuating the shoulders to take the attention away from the lower half of the body.

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Women whose busts and hips measure the same and have small waists look best in abayas with belted or cinched waistlines. These gorgeous pieces do a great job at subtly highlighting the curves.

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Not exactly a body type, but it’s worth mentioning that ladies under this category also struggle with shopping for pieces that would flatter them. For petite ladies, solid colors and vertical lines are a staple to create an illusion of length. Make sure to steer clear from layers and excessive draping as well, and gravitate instead on styles that fit the body just right.

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Looking good doesn’t take a lot of effort as long as you dress smart. Just be mindful of what works and you’ll be sure to turn heads once you step out in the perfect abaya. Hijab House creates every piece according to your exact measures, so check out our selection of elegant hijab styles now while we’re still on sale!

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