4 Helpful Tips for Dressing Modestly For an Interview

Have you heard of the saying “first impressions last”? According to various studies, it takes less than half a second for an individual to judge another person solely on appearance, and although this isn’t significant in casual settings, it can make or break the results of your interview. Aside from your gait, your facial expression, and even your non-verbal cues, interviewers will also keep an eye on how you dress since it would say a lot about your professionalism. Although practitioners of modest fashion are more conservative and reserved when it comes to outfit choices, there are still some guidelines to consider if you want to leave a lasting positive impression.


Choose plain and solid colors

It might get tempting to choose light-colored and printed hijabs and abayas this summer, but if you’re headed for an interview, you’re better off sticking with plain and neutrals. Solid colors such as black, gray, khaki, and navy blue are colors that mean business. Make sure to pin your headscarf too so it doesn’t look messy.


Go for flowy fabrics

If you’re wearing trousers for your interview, skip the skinny pants and go for the wide-leg option. Maxi skirts also work, just make sure that they’re the right fit to avoid wardrobe malfunctions. Steer clear of spandex and see through fabrics too – there’s a proper venue for these types of clothing and the office isn’t one of those.


Wear flats or platforms

While close-toed shoes like pumps and flats would seem like the obvious choice for footwear, do ensure that they don’t make annoying and distracting clopping sounds with every step.


Keep the accessories to a minimum

Less is more when accessorizing for an interview. Choose one statement piece, such as a chunky necklace or a colourful pair of stud earrings. Make sure that your chosen accessories will also enhance your entire attire and not take the attention away from it completely. Be subtle with your makeup and your hairdo and avoid wearing strong perfume as well.


Before you head out for the interview venue, take a long hard look in the mirror and assess your outfit one last time. The perfect outfit should evoke confidence and make you feel ready to take on the world! If you’re having second thoughts, turn back and go with Plan B – just take note of your schedule on hand to make sure that you arrive on time! Good luck!


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