8 different types of abayas you need to have in your closet

Every Muslim woman would agree that the abaya is a wardrobe staple. Although it’s been around for centuries, it remains a timeless and reliable piece of garment amongst the modest fashion community because of its ease of use and overall versatility – you can just pop one on whether you’re on your way to work, a trip to the park, or even a formal date.


For avid Hijab House shoppers and long-time wearers of the abaya, navigating through the different styles available on our website is a breeze. These women know exactly which style to choose depending on how or where they plan to wear their abaya. However, for those who have just recently embraced modest wear or would like to explore more in hijab fashion, the classification can get confusing.


To help you understand how each style differs from one another, here’s a quick guide of different types of abayas in the Hijab House online shop.

8 Different Types of Abayas

Closed Abaya


The closed abaya is the simplest abaya style you’ll find today. It has no buttons or clasps – all you have to do is slip into one. Do note that this style is not breastfeeding-friendly and can get quite restricting.

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Open Button Abaya


The open button abaya allows for easier access and more styling options compared to the closed abaya. However, since there is an opening in front of the garment, wearers of the open button abaya are required to wear pants or trousers underneath. The buttons may also loosen overtime, although this can easily be fixed by resewing.

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Draped Abaya


The draped abaya is a modern style inspired by the toga of ancient Greece. This style is comfortable since the soft fabric just flows and glides over the wearer. However, since this style has no buttons, it can also get quite restricting and is not recommended for breastfeeding women.


Two-piece Abaya


Of all the styles we offer, the two-piece abaya would give you the most value for your money since you can wear it in two ways. One way to wear this modern style is as a closed abaya, and another is to leave the outer garment open like a cardigan. This style is also breastfeeding-friendly.



Bisht Abaya


The bisht abaya is inspired by the traditional outer cloak often worn by Arab men. It fits like a flowy cardigan that’s easy to put on and take off, making it a favourite among fashionistas and in countries where temperatures are much more forgiving, since the style is suitable for layering.

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Kaftan Abaya


The kaftan abaya is inspired by the tunic of ancient Russia. You just slip one on as you would with the closed abaya, which makes it non-suitable for breastfeeding. Due to its loose fit, however, this style is less restrictive compared to other non-button styles.

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Coming soon: Kimono Abaya


The Kimono Abaya is inspired by Japan’s national costume. Instead of buttons, it comes with a sash to secure the opening. The cut makes the Kimono Abaya breastfeeding-friendly, although it would take some effort to style since the wearer would still have to wear clothes inside. This modern style will soon be available in Hijab House!


Coming soon: Cardigan Abaya


Another style to watch out for in Hijab House is the Cardigan Abaya. As the name suggests, this style is akin to a cardigan which is worn like a robe. Depending on the design, your cardigan abaya may come with or without a sash or belt. 

Got a favorite that you would like us to include? Mention it in the comments below!

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