Muhammed Adnan

Muhammed Adnan is an emerging fashion designer who specializes in designing printed and embroidered dresses and salwarsuits. Inspired by his mother, who had instilled in him the love for art and fashion, Muhammed started his career in 2015 as an assistant fashion designer with an ambition to start his own ladies suiting brand. It was not long before he and his friend partnered to found Hareem Fatima in the year 2017, and went on to diversify his brand line to include sportswear, party and bridal wear.

Through the time he spent in the gulf, Muhammed was inspired and convinced that he needed to foray into the Arab clothing culture, as it was fashionable and a symbol of modesty. Currently, Muhammadcontinues to travel to countries such as the United Kingdom, Malaysia, China and South Korea to gain inspiration for his designs and for Hijab House.

M. Adnan