Eji Benson

Eji had a life-long infatuation in fashion design which lead him to attend fashion school and went on to be a founding partner of E’LAN NYC Inc right after graduation. He is also significantly experienced in Design, Manufacturing, Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

With a strong love and passion for Africa, he went on to become a founding partner of Fashion Lab Africa (FLA), a radio and television platform,thatfocuses on showcasing the fashion business in Africa while creating a community for Designers, Photographers, Models, Manufacturers and Merchandisers.

He also oversees manufacturing and sourcing operations as a chief executive officer for ENNUI NEW YORK INC, with a portfolio including Bill Blass, Kate Spade, and Vera Wang among others.

In recent years, Eji has grown a strong interest in modest fashion wear and traditional Arabic clothing which allows him to expand on his creativity and professional craftsmanship with a regional and cultural approach.This has led him to design for Hijab House.

E. Benson