Are You Following These Modest Fashion Trends?

This year, women’s achievements were also highlighted through various talks from female personalities, along with inclusive wear for women with disabilities and a special collection made in collaboration with refugees.

Of course, everyone’s eyes were also peeled on the emerging trends for this season. Below, we list them down with style suggestions from Hijab House’s collection of modern abayas!

Layer up!

This season, don’t be afraid to pile on the fabric and extra cloth because layering is definitely in! Stylish and functional, layers keep you warm and cozy in low temperatures while adding drama and flair to your whole ensemble.

Our picks:

Eye-catching colors

It’s time to leave your neutral-colored comfort zone and explore pieces in hues that communicate fun and funk. Why not add some blues and greens to your monochromatic wardrobe?

Our picks:

Prints and patterns

Out with the plain, in with the unpredictable! Stripes, florals, gingham, polkadots — go crazy with whichever print you prefer in your clothing!

Our picks:

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