7 Different Ways to Style Your Hijab

The hijab, also known as a veil or headscarf, is one of the most essential items in modest fashion. Every woman is bound to have a collection stowed away in her wardrobe, in different colors and designs to suit every occasion.  


With modest wear becoming more mainstream these days, wearers have also come up with various ways to style and wear their hijabs! Here are seven ways to style your hijab.


  1. Simple wrap

Drape your rectangular scarf or hijab over your head and pin both sides together under the chin. Flip one end over the opposite shoulder and back to the front of the original shoulder.


  1. Simple wrap without a pin

Don’t have the time to look for a pin? No worries! Drape your scarf over your head and throw one end over the opposite shoulder. You’re good to go!


  1. Chest cover

Just follow the instructions for the simple wrap, but don’t forget to spread one end across the chest. This style is perfect for showing off your hijab’s gorgeous prints.


  1. Side-pinned

Simple but stylish, all you need to do to achieve this look is secure one end to your temple with a hairpin after wrapping the scarf over your head. 


  1. Hijab with accessories

One way to bring new life to your hijab is through accessorizing! Insert old rings on one loose end or use a sparkly brooch instead of a pin – the possibilities are endless!


  1. Turban

Some days just call for a pair of dangly earrings, but how can you show them off underneath your hijab? Simple – instead of wrapping your scarf over the neck and under the chin, do it behind the head instead. You can also opt for the simple wrap, just don’t cover the ears when wrapping the scarf over the head. 


  1. Dual layers

Why choose between two scarves if you can wear them together? For this style, wear the first hijab in a head wrap. Drape the second hijab over the neck and pin it over the head for a modified simple wrap look. You can opt to spread the loose ends to cover the chest or wrapped around the shoulders for an elegant look.


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